Friday, May 27, 2011

Who is here?

Jennings calls the class role
'Anyone who is not here, could you please put your hand up?'

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

This. Is. Physics!

Victor hits the table
'Victor! this is a physics lesson, not a drumming lesson!'


Jennings draws a rocket on the board
'NASA wanted my design for this rocket, but I didnt give it to them'

Hat trick

Jennings attempts to demonstarte table cloth inertia prac.
'last time i didnt do this quite right.. hopefully i can get it right this time..'
Jennings breaks 3 plates

More Inertia

Jennings shows the class a video demonstrating an inertia prac
'woah did you see that plate go flying! id hate to see were that went... theres probably one less student in the class'

How Inertia Works

Demonstrating an Inertia practical investigation.
We may end up with a chipped conical flask here.. I'll blame the year 10 class.

Garbage Technicians

Explaining how bullet proof vests resist bullets.
There's a special name for bullet proof vests.. It's like garbage collectors, they have a special name now.. Garbage technicians or something.

Relative Motion

Jennings is explaining relative motion.
'what happens if you toss a coin in the air while a car is accelerating?
it would come back and hit you in the face.
the driver would be mildly amused.'

292 whats?

Jennings has just solved an equation and is explaining the answer.
'So the force is 292 Newtons. Be careful later in the year when we are talking about power. if we were talking about power it would be 292 what?
thats actually right, power is measured in watts'

You Can't Change Gravity

Jennings is explaining how a plane is slowed to land
'You cant reduce gravity, the plane weighs the same the whole time.. unless you start chucking people out.. they wouldn't be overly thrilled.'

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dont Sit in the Middle!

Jennings is explaining why lap-sash seat belts are far safer than lap seat belts.
'The seat belt in the middle of the back [of the car] is very unsafe. If you need to sit in the back don't sit there... Get someone you don't like to sit there.'

If We Lived on Jupiter

Explaining jupiters gravity in comparison to that of Earth.
'Jupiter has a gravitational constant of ~26m.s^-2 so if humans evolved there they would be quite small.. lots of tiny short people with fat little legs.'

Seatbelts in Aeroplanes

Jennings begins to explain the history of seat belts and why lap-sash seat belts are not used in planes.
'Seat belts are only used in aeroplanes to keep you in your seat for turbulence.... because lets face it, if a plane crashes... your gone, you'll go splat.'

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Classic Jennings

Mr Laws is a teacher at our school
‘guess who invented Newtons Laws? Mr Laws.'

A soccer player.

Jennings writes an example question on the board 'how high must a soccer player kick the ball if it is to go x metres with a horizontal speed of x metres per second. Gets an answer of ~250m high. Figures out the speed.

‘If this soccer player ever learns to kick straight, there’ll be some dead soccer players.’

‘if NASA wants a cheap way to put satellites into orbit, they’ll get this guy to kick it.’

The Physics of Golf

Explaining the physics behind the dimples on golf balls.
'You can’t have a point on a golf ball. it’d be mildly amusing if you hit someone.'
Pauses for thought
'Otherwise they’d die….' 'There’d be less spectators.'

Vx or Vy?

Writing an equation
Jennings: Writes Vx
Student: 'Don't you mean Vy?'
'… yeah Vy, sorry the texta wasn’t listening.'

Jennings makes another mistake with the purple pen
'I don’t like purple pens they’re dumb.'

Jennings makes yet another mistake
'I’ll give up on this purple one. I’ll only use it on year 10s'

How to jump off a balcony

Explaining where one would land if ther were to jump off a balcony - how fast one would need to run in order to hit a target
‘You don’t have too many horizontal balconies, unless you fall over drunk’

Classic Jennings

‘If I wanted to do colouring in, I’d be a geography teacher’